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  • Students
    We help students fulfill their potential, provide inspiring ideas about their future and raise their academic achievement. PDCA and SWOT analysis help them to progress in their education and encourage their achievement.
  • Job Seekers
    IQ Ladder will not only improve your communication skills and interviewing skills but also build confidence in you to be the best. And remember only the best will beat the rest...!!!
  • Career Grooming
    Career Options, Personality Development, Communication and Interview Skills Development.
P-D-C-A Cycle
  • Plan
    Plan your schedule
  • Do
    Do as per desired schedule
  • Check
    Check the performance
  • Act
    Act on the performance
S-W-O-T Analysis
  • Strengths
    Know your strengths
  • Weakness
    Work on your weaknesses
  • Opportunities
    Grab the opportunities
  • Threats
    Be wary of the threats
Is It Secure?
We Do Cater for Security, Confidentiality and Other Vital Interests of Every Customer
  • We guarantee your personal data will never be disclosed to any third party;
  • We do not restore your billing info. It is used for your payment process only;
  • We guarantee that nobody but you will use your paper. We will never publish or resell it.

Success is not far away

IQ Ladder- A well time-honored team headed by Dynamic Career Consultants, psychologists, Professionals and Motivators with Excellence brings your dream to reality as it believes that Practice is the classic activity of successful people at their peak.

Ernest Hermingway once said, "Every story begins the same: with a single, blank sheet of paper" and we at IQ Ladder let you write your own story with brighter vision in this cut throat competitive world where career options are burgeoning on the raw land with indistinct consequences.

IQ Ladder with its IQ/Aptitude tests and counseling sessions help you adjudge your hidden potential and track your way as Spectacular Achievers.

Steps to Success

Explore Yourself

IQ tests and Personality test with detailed personalized counseling help you unfold the petals of your career buds and explore the triumphant individual hidden within.

Invent your Options

IQ Ladder leads you to Personalized Counseling Sessions giving you winged opportunities of seeking answers to all your career queries in detail from the Professionals with excellence.

Take Planned Decision

Decisions taken with an open mind are like parachutes in open sky where the limits are infinite. IQ Ladder takes you ahead on this ground by giving you SWOT Analysis for self analysis followed by PDCA Analysis.

Strengthen Communication Skills

Building the bridge between the Spectacular and the Common-We build a confident world by enhancing your communication skills.